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Enterprise Content Management Services (ECM)

PN Automation has the 'A' team when it comes to ECM

The exponential upsurge in internet usage, content creation and content consumption has pushed the effective and efficient management of enterprise-wide content to new heights creating immediate and obvious challenging situations for enterprises/businesses.

PN Automation is aware of these challenges. Some of them are listed here:

  • "Retrieval of relevant information is never easy"
  • "Retrieval of relevant information is time consuming"
  • “Our organization has several web based assets with no centralized content”
  • "Organizations are unable to share content with trading partners"
  • "Existing ECM is poorly implemented impacting ROI"
  • "Organizations are spending way more on migrations"

PN Automation ECM team is neither a group of magicians nor do we have a crystal ball to make these challenges disappear in thin air. Our team does not have any cookie cutter approach either.

We are collaborators. We work closely with our customers, understand and analyze their problem at hand along with the challenges our customers are facing, propose an optimal ECM solution with detailed implementation plan and work breakdown structure (WBS), implement the ECM and provide support until the customer is fully satisfied with our solution.

PN Automation team has successfully delivered end-to-end ECM solutions across government and non-government organizations mainly for media (pictures, videos and documents) management, web content management, digitized assets management, task management, resource management and records management.

Give us a call. We do not promise you “The World”; however, we assure you that we will make it worth for your while. We assure you that our ECM team can commendably benefit your organization in overcoming any challenges, recognize value of its content, see immediate ROI and low cost of ownership.

Our ECM team has expertize in these (but not limited to) technologies:
Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft© Office 365, Google© Docs APIs, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and in-house Content Management Solution (CMS)...


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