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Cloud Based Services

PN Automation team thanks you for your interest in our cloud based services.

"CLOUD" is not just another buzzword for us. We are already in the cloud as we have migrated all our products and solutions to the cloud. We are actively working with our clients to enable them to be cloud ready.

Our cloud based service offerings?

  • Cloud Partners: We understand that every customer has different needs when it comes to cloud. Our best-in-class cloud partners address various aspects of those needs. PN Automation is capable of delivering a trusted cloud to you, reducing overheads, complexity and giving you freedom from vendor liaison, asset tracking & management, and commercial and legal issues.
  • Cloud based application development: Do you still use those desktop based thick client applications? Keeping your critical systems and applications up-to-date can be an enormous challenge, and one that can overwhelm your IT department, especially when you have dozens or hundreds of computer workstations involved. Our team has strong experience in building cloud based solutions. Let us help you rebuild your applications and migrate them to cloud.
  • SAP HANA: Are your valuable data and applications all over your landscape - trapped in disparate systems, with different formats and varied governance requirements? PN Automation can Integrate your data and unlock its value with SAP HANA Cloud Platform by extending your existing on-premise and cloud applications. SAP HANA Cloud Platform powers applications that deliver real-time insights to drive more effective and timely decision making. Dramatically accelerate analytics, business processes, sentiment data processing, and predictive capabilities to run your business in real-time..
  • Office 365 Migration: Are you planning to migrate to Office 365? Our team is fully equipped with the skills and tools needed for successful migration to Office 365. Our own office is entirely migrated to Office 365.
  • CLOUD*9 - Cloud Integration Services: Let us help you to be on "Cloud Nine". "CLOUD*9" is one of our services entired based on proven industry standards and shared experiences.

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AWS Partner Network (APN)

PN Automation is a Technology and Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN). PN Automation continues to work closely with its customers to build and expand various capabilities that would help global enterprises adopt Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of their Digital Strategy. As an APN Consulting Partner we have access to a range of resources and training to support our customers deploy, run, and manage applications in the AWS Cloud.

PN Automation is tirelessly working to:

  • Create frameworks to help our customers address their collaboration challenges.
  • Design and build complex and custom applications around those frameworks.
  • Offer fully integrated, single-point governance and management of cloud environments while empowering rapid establishment, acceptance, and governance of cloud services across an enterprise ecosystem
  • Simplify the migration processes of complex industrial and enterprise applications.
  • Deliver high-performance analytics solutions using open-source technology on AWS.


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