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“Asset Damage Traceability” Application

This solution is designed to track the chain of custody and damage assessment of the asset before assigning that particular asset to any personnel. The whole idea of this mobility solution is to provide better control over the assets of the agency/organization/company. This application is designed on android and iOS technology. It can be used in mobile smart phones, tablets, android technology based cameras and other devices which operate on android and iOS technology.

Mobile Technologies | Mobile Application Development | Mobile Device Management (MDM) | Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Application Features

  • Supports entire damage assessment workflow associated with an asset
  • Highly secured Mobile and Cloud based solution
  • RFID (Active & Passive) and Barcode Commissioning and Scanning
  • Accessibility and Organization of Data using inbuilt Business Intelligence features
  • Seamless integration with existing Enterprise Asset Management Systems like Oracle, IBM, SAP, SAS
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Search and retrieval
  • Reporting and Auditing
  • Asset Information [Asset attributes, Asset pictures/schematics]
  • Damage Profile - Asset Damage Recording Sheet
  • Digital Signature Authorization

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